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Spring 2015: Knife skills in the kitchen and in the woods, what we know about urban coyotes, fat biking the Oregon dunes, stitching 101, and more.

Welcome to The Portland Outsider, the new free quarterly magazine that’s all about homesteading, health, and the urban outdoors. It’s for the bike commuter who raises chickens, the bird watcher who cans tomatoes, the gardener who’s training for a 5k. It’s a magazine for those striving for the engaged urban lifestyle. It’s about Portlanders sharing ideas and strategies with Portlanders. It’s about helping you live a more self sufficient, healthier and more engaged life. You can find copies all over town. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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From the Editor

WE'VE GOT A COUPLE of big announcements. The first is the launch of The Portland Outsider Dinner Series. You can read all the details on the inside back cover. It’s a way to bring the magazine to life: the chefs and experts who give you instructions and tutorials every issue will be cooking and giving you hands-on lessons live. For our debut, Ned Ludd’s Jason French is cooking with the bounty of spring (page 14), you’ll see how aromatics are distilled into perfumes with Jessica Ring of Ring Botanicals (page 50), and you’ll get to sew a felt carrier with Queen Bee’s Rebecca Pearcy (page 10) and take it home.

Our Dinner Series is just the start of our plans to expand into more events and, ultimately, to take our products and mission to other cities. You’ve let us know time and again how much you love the magazine and we are truly humbled. Our advertisers have let us know how much they value the connection we provide to you: an active, engaged, and thoughtful audience.

Which brings us to our second big announcement: we’re growing and we’re looking for an investor to help us grow. The support and enthusiasm we’ve received over the last year and a half for the magazine and its mission has been more than even we expected. It has filled us at once with humility and confidence. To capture the full potential of this brand—which helps people live more engaged lives, which actively returns the support it receives to nonprofits in the community, and which supports a growing set of events that foster community— we need someone who loves it as much as we do to join us.

Call me or drop me an email if you’re interested: 971-258-1845,

In the meantime, go learn some knife skills.

Sam Smith
Editor & Publisher
The Portland Outsider
(971) 258-1845

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